Wildfire is straight talking no nonsense company specialising in door to door canvassing exclusively for domestic window cleaning work, we are the only company who allow you to clean the work before you pay for it!! this puts you in the driving seat, we are so confident in the work we book we know you will be happy as we work from a structured price matrix and we are happy to walk away from a bad customer without making a booking.

We have lots of experience in both window cleaning and also canvassing/marketing so jobs are well priced, confirmed and booked in to your schedule to a level unrivalled by our competitors, and we even offer the possibility of transferring the work straight into your Cleaner Planner account if its something your using to organise your business, as this would save you lots of time inputting the data manually.

We have a great team of canvassers trained to a high standard and you only pay for scheduled and cleaned jobs rather than a pile of handwritten pieces of paper, which you are pretty much guaranteed to be owed money or work back from the canvassing company before you have even carried out the first clean!

We will help you to realise your targets and aspirations big or small, whether you run many vans or are looking for a great hourly wage, if you choose to do business with Wildfire Canvassing you will secure a real asset and an instant return on your investment so get in touch.